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As a former teacher, I have started to write about my experiences.


Unelected Rulers

Legislative Betrayal

Education Betrayal

And the Sign Says

New Frontier of Evil part 5 Conservation Easements

New Frontier of Evil part 4 NGO’s

New Frontier of Evil BLUEWAYS p3

New Frontier of Evil Greenways and Trails p2

New Frontier of Evil in Florida Part 1 Regionalism

Who is John Beale?

Who will have food?

Letter to Pam Bondi

Do you Remember


National Sovereignty is a Gift from the UN

And the answer is

When good schools go bad

The Planet will boil over

Schools teach racism

Republican Answer to CCS -

Obama implements UN Agenda 21

Land the Only thing that Lasts

Empower the people by telling the truth.

Christianity is our foe

America Is My Name I Declare my Independence.

Its the economy Stupid

I know nothing

First they came for the Constitution

Finally the truth about the Obama economy

Death of a nation

Common Core IS NOT NEW

Bill OReilly said What?

America’s New World Order-Common Core

A lie by any other name is still a lie



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What Is An Agender?

March 21, 2013 |

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Facts About Common Core Curriculum

March 21, 2013 |



  • Your Governor agreed to CCSS before the standards were written or even knowing what was in them.

  • The Common Core State Standards Initiative was a coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

  • The Common Core Standards although accepted by 45 states, have not been presented on any state legislative floor and voted on.

  • CCSS is NOT state led? NO! The evidence shows that powerful and influential people and organizations have collaborated to create a global education system that will track our children and move them toward a global perspective that seeks to erase state and individual sovereignty.

  • Schools must adhere to the program word for word, with the ability to add only a small amount of content—but that  additional content will not be on the exam.

  • If you do not like what is being taught,  neither you nor any official in the state or local school district will have any power to change it or have anyone to call.

  • No one really knows how much CCSS will cost now or in the future.

  • The estimated extremely high cost of CCSS will rest on the backs of the taxpayers to make up any shortages.

  • Federal Government will require massive upgrades in computer equipment and upgrades to current bandwidth and the purchase of the software from Microsoft to be used to track everything about our children from Pre-K to workforce college and this informationis to include information on their whole family.

  • Even though the federal government said the program was voluntary, Florida had to adopt the CCSS to be eligible for Race To The Top money and President Obama has said he wants to tie Federal Title 1 funding to the adoption of CCSS.

  • While CCSS was advertised as “internationally  benchmarked” it is not? Studies done by the American Institute for Research (AIR) show that International benchmarking is not a good reason for adopting the CCSS especially since the individual state standards already are internationally benchmarked.

  • The federal government by law is not allowed to maintain a national database?  They are evading this law by requiring the state to collect the data and then forward it to the federal government to be used by other agencies and  private foundations? The individual states are being used as the “collector”.

  • CCSS math teaches an experimental geometry method created by a Soviet mathematician, in the 1950’s, that was abandoned in K-12 because it failed.

  • A world-renowned math expert who worked on the CCSS stated that the CCSS fails to meet the stated goal of improved US K-12 mathematic achievement.

  • Dr. Stotsky (member of CCSS validation team) considers CCSS ELA and reading standards as “simply empty skill sets.

  • At least in grades 6-12 English teachers would be required to spend at least 50% of their time on nonfiction and informational texts such as US political documents, court decisions and scientific and technical manuals.

  • English teachers would need to be retrained in order to teach children how to read technical manuals instead of works of literature and our children will no longer be taught cursive handwriting.

  • Dr. Milgram of Stanford University, the only mathematician on the CCSS validation team, refused to sign off on the math standards.

  • A radical professor who has been a colleague of, and is a favorite of, anti-capitalist terrorist Bill Ayers is directing the creation of one set of CCSS tests.

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a major funder? What do they know about education? They sure know how to sell computers and software though which is where the school districts are expected to make their purchases.

  • Bill Gates’ Microsoft and many other companies will benefit handsomely from the implementation of  CCSS.

  • A child could answer a math question correctly but be marked wrong because he did not use the CC prescribed method for getting to the correct answer.

  • SAT testing is being structured to conform to CCSS? This would mean the home schooler’s, private and charter schools will have to conform to the CCSS as well? So Parent Trigger bills and the Voucher system will make no difference – using the same curriculum in every school will mean they are all receiving the smae “garbage in – garbage out”.

  • Children as young as kindergarten will eventually participate in the evaluation of a teacher’s performance.

  • The testing costs under CCSS may be triple from what is currently incurred? Districts will require much more in taxes to comply with all the demands of the CCSS.

  • Although CCSS claims to prepare all children for college, the college they talk about is a non-selective community college not a 4-year university? Actually the goal is more to the “school-to-work” program.

  • Our children may graduate reading at a 7th grade level and according to Dr. Milgram, by 8th grade, will be two years behind other countries in math skills.

  • Children will be required to select a career path as early as 8th grade? How many 13 year old’s do you know stated they wanted to be one thing then but that was what they actually did? They are also supposed to be choosing school-to-work or college at this time AND WE ARE TOLD THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE CCSS IS TO BRING AMERICA UP TO THE STANDARDS OF THE GLOBAL WORLD? With this kind of guideline I am not sure I want my children participating – are you.


Call your governor and representatives and tell them NO to the Common Core Standards –

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Agenda 21 Social Justice in America?

March 21, 2013 |


By Karen Schoen


It has come to our attention:

The Florida Department of Education is not paying attention to the material given to our students. Social justice the UNESCO ideology is now being taught in the classroom. Social justice supports equality and solidarity in a society.

So we are all on the same page, social justice is based on the concept of human rights and equality and involves a great degree of economic affairs in which equality of outcome means all people having the same wealth. If wealth is not equal then the government has the right to take from one and give to another.

Social Justice is a founding principle of various forms of socialism, communism and cooperative economic organization, through progressive taxation, income redistribution or even property redistribution. Notice there is no need for students to know how to read, write, do math, science, learn American history learn about America’s greatness, Bill of Rights or Constitution. Instead as long as they can communicate the values of the teacher, they pass. Grading will make one student exceptional and other will feel bad so they pass or fail.


On October 9,2011 Jack Chambless, Economics Professor, Valencia College, Orlando wrote to the The Orlando Sentinel, on The American Dream. His students had to write an essay explaining their definition of the American Dream and what they expected the federal government to do to help them achieve their version of this dream.

“When contemplating the role of Washington, D.C., in helping them achieve their goals in life, my students — most of whom were educated in America’s public schools — wrote that they wanted government to “pay for my tuition,” “provide me with a job,” “give me money for a house,” “make sure I get free health care,” “pay for my retirement,” “raise taxes on rich people so that I can have more money” and so forth.

 One student who thought her American Dream could be best achieved with more government regulations went so far as to say, “We all know that there are many bad side effects when regulations take place, but as human beings, we are not really responsible for our own acts, and so we need government to control those who don’t care about others. It makes sense that our freedom is reduced every day with the new regulations.”

Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported that for the first time in our nation’s history, 51 percent of Americans will not pay income taxes this year. It should also be noted that in 1983, just over 29 percent of Americans received some form of government assistance. Today the figure is 44.4 percent.

As a retired teacher, with a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies, I was not surprised at what they were saying. But I doubt if any of the students or parents actually understood what they were asking for in their dream. Government control comes with a heavy price. Life does not continue along the same path we are accustomed to today. It changes drastically. YOU will go to you government approved apartment (flat), in your sustainable development with government approved clothes, eating your government approve food, going to your government approved job on your bicycle. Traveling is out. Healthcare is controlled by the government. Your electricity, energy and food will be rationed. All services are mediocre, your only purpose in life is to work for the government. After all Nancy Pelosi needs to take another $10,000 a day room for her vacation and someone has to pay for it.

Race to the Top has brought us a National Data Base so your children will be happy to “tell all in school” how much you smoke, eat, drink, have a gun, political associations, friends, sexual orientation. Now all of this will be reported into the National Data Base. If you are a Tea Party member, you will be classified as a terrorist and now with National Defense Appropriations Act, the government needs no excuse to pick you up and detain you indefinitely. Not to worry the TSA, the new Obama home army that he promised to create and fund will come and get you.

Do students really understand Social Justice or do they think they are joining another social network. Do you understand your new life? Let’s see how this social justice will work on a the middle class family used to making their own decisions….. Look at

To all Florida Home Owners:

According to the RTTT Mandate for the National Data Base Teachers will be required to enter the students profile daily. Kids talk in school. What will your tell the teacher, their new mentor. Social justice supports equality and solidarity in a society. (All wealth must be equally distributed.)

So what if….

Your Government has determined you have accumulated more wealth than your neighbors, that is not acceptable as the requirement of social justice demands wealth must be shared. You will be required to share your wealth to make room for other less fortunate families. In preparation of implementing Social Justice, you will now be required to register all bedrooms in your home.

Your child will also register this information on the National Data Base required in the Race to the Top program. This information will be stored on the National Data Base program and will be shared with all government agencies (for your protection) to monitor your compliance with the program.

Your family can occupy 1 bedroom. Each of the other bedrooms will be assigned to another family. This program is open to all residents of Florida, legal or illegal, working or not. You will be required to clothe, feed, educate, provide shelter, transportation and medical attention to all people living in your home.

Your family can only have 1 car which you will be unable to drive because fuel will necessarily skyrocket. You will be required to redistribute all other cars to those living in your home.

You will register your income so it can be divided equally among those living in your home. Under NO circumstances will those living in your home be required to pay or assist in any services required for the upkeep of your home. They are not obligated to you for any reason, it is just your obligation to pay for them since you and accumulated too much wealth and wealth must be shared equally.

Once the registration is complete, you will transfer ownership of your home or business to the state. Private property is not acceptable under a social justice program. Do not worry your child will be able to complete this registration in the national data base required in Race to the Top.

If you need any references as to how this program works we refer you to those models of implementation of Social Justice in Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Hungary, China and Poland.

If you feel that you have been selected unfairly, then contact the FLDOE and tell them that you live in the Constitutional Republic of America not the Communist Republic of America. Demand that communist/socialist programs be removed from the schools. Demand that the Bill of Rights American exceptionalism, nationalism, history, civics, economics be returned to the Florida curriculum. Teaching social justice is un-American.


Contact Information:

We suggest that you make a flyer out of the following information and give it to every homeowner in your community, the media, your Governor, Local, State and Federal Legislator, Dept of Education and School Board. Make flyers and spread them in your neighborhood. Contact the media, your legislators, your friend and neighbors

To reach the Florida Commission of Education:


To reach the Governor of Florida:


Can you give 11 months of service to America?

Only you can stop the spread of Communism in America.

Not to speak is to speak, not to act, is to act.

Go to, sign up for the newsletter.

Send out Gadsden Flag postcards.

Make a flyer out of the following information, spread it through your neighborhood.

Prepare yourself and your family.

When it gets cold up north, where do you think the people will come?



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Operation Paul Revere – The Republican Economic Plan

March 21, 2013 |
Republican_flagSeptember 5, 2011

The Republicans have submitted their plan to save the economy. To say this plan is a disappointment is no a surprise. It seems as though once again they addressed the symptoms instead of the problem. Please read their plan and if you feel as we do, call them at their home office this week. They can do better.


The Federal Agencies are using fraudulent regulations without regard for financial impact or feasibility. Why are you not making these agencies accountable? Demand they show true scientific data and a true financial feasibility study where their programs actually WORK.

These agencies LIED to the American people. For starters there is NO SUCH THING as MAN MADE global warming. The regulations follow the UN science consensus community not the AMERICAN science factual community. Why are our agencies following UN dictates? Every regulation is flawed. GHG is MADE UP. CO2 is an inert gas.


THESE agencies are out of control, unconstitutional and need to be defunded. They grant money to UN and foreign companies, NOT AMERICAN COMPANIES: oil, lightbulbs, solar panels, bridges, roads, construction, all FOREIGN.

The Agencies have declared war on American companies: Gibson, Boeing, Hay, Dust, Raw Milk, Coal, Oil

Millions of jobs were created overseas and billions of dollars were given to overseas companies NOTHING FOR America.

Stop the grants, the subsidies and the propaganda using taxpayer money to indoctrinate the kids and populace to go green. The products are untested, unproven and overly expensive. GET the GOVERNMENT out of BUSINESS, No more public/private partnerships doing nothing more than choosing market trends and picking winners (Obama’s donation buddies). Most projects are overly expensive, foreign and use inferior quality products.

Increase Competitiveness for American Manufacturers

How do you do that when the Chinese bring workers to America and pay the worker a salary of $12 a day?  THAT IS THE San Francisco Bridge. Or the NYC subway.   $7.4 billion to CHINA not AMERICA

American money should be spent for American companies to do work in America.

The trade agreements are one sided. American companies can not compete with one sided trade agreements. As long as currency is manipulated by foreign countries, there will be an imbalance and companies will off shore American jobs.

Encourage Entrepreneurship and Growth

Kids are being taught in school that they only have a choice of what the government will provide so where are the Entrepreneurs coming from?  They are being taught how to feel about MATH and SCIENCE not how to do math and science. So where will our innovators come from?


If education is inferior,  Bill Gates can go to Congress and say, ‘We need more H1B visas so our companies will have qualified people.”  LOOK AT THE CURRICULUM. You have plenty of brilliant AMERICANS if you would just teach them properly. 30 years of garbage is still garbage. This is the globalist redistribution of wealth….. Race to the Tyranny

FDA slow for regulations. The FDA is only interested in being the FOOD Police. The only food allowed is something grown by Monsanto. Many should investigate why their approval process is so slow and full of lies, or why they are closing American farms and fisheries forcing Americans to eat food from un-inspected countries.

Maximize Domestic Energy Production to Ensure An Energy Policy for the Twenty-First Century

Stop subsidizing and granting money to foreign countries to drill in the same places off limits to American companies. The DOI is under a contempt citation, yet nothing has been done and their phony permitting process is a scam. American coal is closed to American companies yet the same coal is sold to CHINA.  This way our energy costs can necessarily skyrocket. America has more oil than most of the world combined.

Pay Down America’s Unsustainable Debt Burden

You can not fix this mess. All you are doing is adding more regulation. You need to shut it down and give the responsibility to the states.  You give our money to the agencies, they give it to the UN and foreign countries. Usually that is called embezzlement.

Clean out the waste fraud and abuse, shut down these corrupt agencies.

You did not mention Obama’s run away Executive Orders that are gutting our country. Repeal the Dodd Frank bill and actually regulate using the bills on the books.

You will not stop anything until we close the border, stop paying for illegals, fix the trade agreements, repeal Obamacare, the Food Safety Bill  and Dodd Frank bill, change the curriculum and close the unconstitutional, lying agencies designed to kill American jobs and economy.

STOP BUYING LAND for conservation easements.  We do not need more land off the tax roles and into the hands of UN NGO’s (non governmental organizations) paid for by the American Tax payer.

Bring back the House Committee on un-American Activities and prosecute the anti American agencies. America is not a socialist country so why are you allowing the socialists use their failed policies to run the country. You need to investigate the treason.

Why are you not investigating the fraud of billions from Fannie and Freddie?  or the $16 Trillion (on the GAO report) given by the Feds to foreign countries and banks while Americans live in cars and tents. Get that money back and you will close the budget.

Stop giving Grants to countries who hate us.

This plan doesn’t come close. You are putting a Band-Aid on a cancerous tumor.

Karen Schoen

The Agenders Team

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