Affidavits and Tri-folds

February 28, 2015 |

Have you been emailing, visiting, calling, petitioning and mailing legislators information they need to know to make the best decision?


Have you noticed they don’t respond, don’t listen and follow the path of their corporate donors and special interest groups?

You can have the best information possible but if it is ignored, no one will notice or care.  Time to be be pro active not reactive.

Here is a brief with comments and chapter from Judge Dale about handling your case legally. lawfully-yours-jan-20152 judge dale.pdf

Below are a list of topic specific Tri-Folds to use to explain your action. Each Tri-fold should be accompanied by an Affidavit.  Use any of the affidavits as samples and modify for your needs. Why you ask?  For what purpose?  An Affidavit must be notarized and must be signed by you making this a legal document which CAN NOT BE IGNORED.

Use one of ours or create your own. Put the criminal legislators on notice.  If the infraction should turn into a class action suit, Affidavits will become part of the evidence that they were notified of the illegal act.

Your Affidavit can be followed by a Demand for action, the demand does not have to be notarized.

Steps to notify Federal, State or Local Government officials:

1.  Meet them and explain what you want.

2.  Go to any committee meetings or Commissioner meetings you can. Bring others with you and record the session.

3. Email, visit, call, petition and mail officials.  Keep a book and record your entries.

4.  Prepare, notarize and sign the Affidavit.  Deliver to their office.

5.  Meet again asking for remedy

6.  Send a Notice of Demand

7.  Get others to do the same. If still ignored, you have the basis for a class action suit.

8.  If you need more time send more affidavits and alert the press.

Keep this up Affidavits can not be ignored.

Common Core

Common Core2

Affidavit on Common Core

Affidavit on Constitution Class

Affidavit on ESEA

2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment1

Affidavit on 2nd Amendment

Treaties DO NOT usurp the Constitution

Treaties and the US Constitution

Affordable Care Act

Affidavit on AHCA

Legal Issues Tri-Folds


Federal Reserve

FL Supreme Court Fl BAR


Law VS Color of Law





Get first hand information and source material.

I urge you to join and attend any and all webinars from the American Policy Center.


Special thanks to all AgEnders including Sherry Smart, Diane Kepus, Charlotte Iserbyt, Tom DeWeese and Neil Rice.  Without their research activism would not be possible.