Citizens Bill Eliminating Common Core Ignored

March 16, 2015 |

Sadly the Florida leadership is still playing games with the lives of our children by continuing to conduct their Common Core Experiment on our children.

We have been to Tally, spoken to legislators and surprise, they are not listening. Not to us anyhow, apparently the special interest groups have their ear. We are only needed at election time.

We’ve recently shared the good news that Sen. Greg Evers and Rep. John Tobia filed the “Florida Education Stakeholders Empowerment Act” as bills titled “Assessments and Accountability” in the Florida Senate (SB 1496) and House (HB 1121). If passed, these bills will provide each school and school teacher the flexibility to unleash the creative potential of each child by:
Restoring accountability of curriculum content and materials to local districts and parents.

Dramatically reducing costs and complexity of testing

Increasing learning time and increasing choices for students .

Eliminating the risk of individual data mining

REPEALING Common Core and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, replacing them with the very best state reading and math standards.

ELIMINATING high-stakes testing with phony state accountability and implementing ONE nationally normed test (e.g the “Iowa Basic” or the “Stanford Achievement Test”)
The bills have been assigned to the house “Choice and Innovation Subcommittee” and the senate “Committee on Education Pre-K – 12.

That’s the good news.

The BAD NEWS is that Florida leadership has decided to table these bills! We can thank Jeb Bush, Pearson PLC, and the big money/power of the federal government and crony capitalists. The house & senate committees do not even have the courage to let the bills come to the floor for a simple UP OR DOWN VOTE!

You must take action today and every day this week. Send this petition (right) to members of the house & senate committees to whom these bills were assigned. That’s an important action step, but it is not going to be enough this time. You also need to call these committee members at BOTH their district and Tallahassee phone numbers every day. This may seem like a lot of work, but we’re talking about maybe 5 minutes a day. Is that too much effort to spend to save the future of Florida’s children? Here’s a list of house & senate committee members. Just click on each name for district & Tallahassee phone numbers:

I sent this letter to our legislators.  Please send one too. Edit mine or write your own.


Dear Legislator:

Last week I testified in front of your committee and walked the halls with many concerned Floridians. I listened to the Common Core supporters spew bullet talking points without substance. Please remember these supporters were paid quite well by special interest groups to tell you what they want you to hear. Not the truth.

Rather than refute their information, I have included factual (truth) information from the designers of Common Core so you could hear their own words directly from them.

This week I learned that the bills listed below will not even be heard in committee because of??? Jeb Bush. Of course, why not protect the man who stands to make millions from the implementation of his desire for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT with a New World Order run by the United Nations. Once that happens there will no longer be a need for elected officials. Your position will be terminated. Unelected bureaucrats will make all of the decisions.

I have included a time line of the implementation of these programs of education so you could see the purpose of education today has evolved into nothing more than training through psychological manipulation using behavior modification to destroy capitalism and the western culture. Timeline for education

You will also see the costs of implementation as well as who is in charge of education in Florida. Florida Common Core Implementation Costs

AIR, Florida’s choice for testing is a 501c3 with a mission called social engineering and behavior modification. Why are they testing? This superintendent knows

I have also included excerpts from some of the texts our students are reading. Textbook review in Florida

The focus of FSSS is to promote Sustainable Development, a program that was designed by the UN, VP Christine Figeres, who recently stated its purpose was to bankrupt capitalists.

Christiana Figueres, UN Exec VP – Climate Chief admitted that the real purpose of the environmental movement was to destroy capitalism.

The IPCC, NOAA and NASA have all admitted they lied about the climate and the oceans yet we still teach these lies to our children.

IPCC chief, Rajendra K Pachauri, has quit as chairman of the IPCC following accusations of sexual harassment being leveled against him. He faced calls for his resignation in 2007 when it emerged that a claim in the first IPCC report that the Himalayan glaciers will melt by 2035 was false. Plus a conflict of interest thanks to his work with TERI, The Energy and Resources Institute which promotes sustainable development. There was also an investigation into his finances as it emerged that he had had business dealings with carbon trading companies.



Why? According to FL Statute 1006.35 all information given to students must be accurate. FSSS does not follow this statute.

When I started teaching in the 60’s, America was in the top 10 in the world. Today we are in the 20-37 percentile while spending a fortune for an inferior program. Our children can not read, write nor do simple math. They have no direction, confidence or purpose and we wonder why they “get into trouble” and “need drugs”. Without truth there is no foundation to learn. Values are not truths.

Simple programs like literature which reinforces the culture of a society are gone and replaced with reading training manuals from corporations who are using the schools and taxpayers to increase profitability as they no longer have to “train” workers. Training is not education. We train animals not people.

We ask you to supporting HB 1121 and or SB1496, and HB 743/HB 877 and or SB 1450/SB 1406

Please remember the people telling you FSSS and CCS are great are paid to tell you that they are.

Please contact me with any questions. We will be happy to meet with you at any time.

Karen Schoen, Consultant
Here is the proof in
their own words of the money man and creators of Common Core”

Lie #1. Common Core is rigorous and tested internationally.
Audio Bill Gates- a decade.mp3 Bill Gates who has spent $6B dollars in grants and support for Common Core, declares it will take 10 years before if we know if Common Core works- 8 sec audio

Internationally bench marked means comes from UNESCO.
Lie #2. Common Core is just a set of standards. It is not curriculum or

audio Bill Gates at national conference of state legislators. Here in his own words Gates tells us they are all a package deal and we know we have succeed when they all align! – 29 sec audio

Lie #3. Standards are standards. Teacher can teach them however they want and will not have to teach to the tests! 15 sec audio Audio David Coleman teaching towards the test. Coleman who is the overall architect of the CC standards and now is in charge of all college boards arrogantly says’ There is no force on earth strong enough to keep teachers from teaching to the test

Lie #4 Math standards prepare kids for college ready and will be competitive internationally. 1 min 8 sec

Jason Zimba, architect of the Math CC standards makes it very clear these are not STEM nor will they prepare students for colleges with Engineering, science, business or medical studies in colleges. They infact only prepare kids for the lowest level of colleges.