Dirty Laundry: Do you know the truth?

January 29, 2016 |

Dirty Laundry!

Time to do some early SPRING CLEANING, and expose some of America’s Dirty Laundry! We’ve put the latest news on issues as well as each candidate here for you to check out.  Our Dirty Laundry segment will discuss the issues and their connections to the Regime as well as the candidates.

The biggest and most current issue is the unreported massive destruction that the unchecked illegals and refugees do to American values and our local communities.  For our purposes, my stand on immigration has not changed. Massive immigration with open borders is designed to destroy any remembrance of a sovereign American, Family and God. Here is why I can say that…

Obama’s father was Muslim, automatically making Obama a Muslim – according to the Muslim religion. Obama wants to be the Globalist Leader of the Communist UN. According to the Quran, Muslims CAN lie and should kill the infidels. Obama lies. Globalists want Depopulation. What could be better then this union, causing the Regime to look the other way at the beheadings and mass genocide by jihadists, who after all – are Depopulating the planet?  If Obama calls these people terrorists, Obama becomes a traitor for aiding the enemy!

So Obama lies…and continues to lie.  David Miliband (Chair of the International Refugee committee) vetting the Syrians and lobbying our legislators, recently stated that if the Americans STOP accepting refugees, this puts a stop to the UN plan of Globalization.

Could this be why articles mentioning the truth about refugees are being suppressed?


As this came out, my thoughts go to those Spring Breakers in Florida, the new refugee capital of America.  Shall all of the town councils tell the Breakers to wear burqas, so they don’t get raped?


How do you make people believe the bad guys are really good?  By LIES taught in EDUCATION, through the texts and articles the students are forced to read, and regurgitate back out on TESTS.  Remember, students grow up and become government employees…and lobbyists, get elected to office, bringing those SAME LIES with them.

Recently, the VP of Houghton Mifflin stated texts are not about Education, but about Profit. So who actually are the book companies, and what have they been doing with our money – while INDOCTRINATING our kids???


What else do the text book companies do?  They own the media to insure their message is continued:


National Review Attacks Trump

The National Review, made up of neo-cons, has just decided they speak for ALL Conservatives. Remember this crew, that brought us Mc Cain and Romney and want a CON CON. The certainly do not speak for me.

Now, they push Cruz and Rubio.  Cruz, who wanted the North American Union, and Rubio, the Amnesty Man.

What I find funny is the fact that they constantly say:  tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the truth, then join us.  We have to unite the country, we need to cross the isle.

So when someone finally gets it, converts and joins, they demonize the person for not being conservative enough, conservative THE WAY THEY WANT. 

What they fail to realize is that America wants a UNITER, a LEADER who can not only make America great again, but UNITE Americans.  So, without ever having a conversation with Donald Trump, and allowing for the fact that once he sees failure he wants to try something else, they demonize him because he is not a conservative long enough. What does that mean and who cares?  You see that is the real issue, WHO CARES?

Donald is a businessman, with the ability to visualize that continuing on the path of failure will being failure!!  So, he wants America to be on a path for SUCCESS. His holdings for his empire are tied to America. If American fails, so does Donald. 

Failure is not an option for him, especially if he sees a way to correct it. 

His campaign is focused on 3 main planks; Economy, Border, National Security. 

It doesn’t matter if Trump wins. 2016 is already a revolutionary election

Cruz Down – Trump Soars

Most of his followers feel exactly the same. Based on past history, Donald will implement his plans and once implemented, fixing the rest of America will be easier. Donald also realized that if he does not get the support of the American Blacks and American Hispanics, he will not win.  Realizing that if he runs the same campaign of Conservatism, he will lose because the Right has been so tainted by the Media. 

Instead, he says things like, I support the 2nd amendment and I carry.  I want the DoED and Common Core gone, give education control back to the states. I want to get rid of the EPA, and give it back to the states, eliminate waste fraud and abuse. 

Each of those issues SHRINKS THE GOVERNMENT, without Trump ever even saying I will shrink the Government (the words the the National Review is looking for.)

He gets the support of the Blacks and Hispanics, who get it.

These Conservatives should be falling all over themselves to support Trump, but because his messaging is not in their exact words, they go after him.  Instead of saying his messaging is reaching Blacks and Hispanics, look how he is modernizing the GOP and bringing in more and more people!  Yet, they can only say, Trump is not conservative enough??


If you don’t agree with their definition of Conservatism, you are out. There is a reason why Bush and Rubio are tanking in Florida, and why they never interview Floridians.  Bush and Rubio are Conservatives…IN NAME ONLY!  If anyone ever looked at their real record the destruction of Florida, now number #1 in corruption, loss of private property, and illegal immigration…it is quite obvious.

In addition, the GOP Moderates (who all Americans know are part of the problem) are now supporting Trump.  WOW what a surprise!  The fastest way for Conservatives to leave a candidate, is to say they are supported by Moderates!  Funnier than that, is that these are the same Moderates that were commended by the National Review!

The 22 signers of the National Review article are the real HYPOCRITES.  They can now partner with the ELITE Globalists at their Davos meeting, where the Globalists all said they were alarmed at a Trump Presidency.  That, in of itself, is enough to reaffirm my support of Trump!

These 22 Conservatives Just Declared ‘War’ On Donald Trump On Front Page Of Popular Magazine



RNC Strips National Review of Debate Hosting Gig After Cover Story Attacking Trump

RNC Gets Busy

Its about time the RNC woke up. It is ridiculous to let the MSM/Leftist media choose the candidates and the questions.

The Warmongers’ Brawl——How The GOP Is Deserting Free Markets, Sound Money And Fiscal Rectitude

RNC Rules to Stifle Ron Paul in 2012 Could Come Back to Bite Them


Trump received several endorsements this past week. Even the Elite are alarmed at the prospect of a Trump Presidency!

Get Ready for President Trump – All the ducks are falling in place for Donald Trump.

OFFICIAL: Davos elite alarmed at prospect of nominee Trump! SOROS,TPTB,ETC. AGAINST HIM !!


Incidentally, many people are NOT PAYING ATTENTION to another Juggernaut: 


Finance Experts Warn, Economic Meltdown 2016: Global financial collapse is Imminent

Davos Insider: Economy Doomed, Central Banks ‘Out of Ammo’

Elite Spill BIG Intel In Davos: America’s Obsolete! It’s Time For Global Governance & NWO Rule

Take a look at this article by Dave Hodges, published Feb 2015.  Dave outlines 8 steps as warning signs of to our own impending financial collapse.  Look at this section title:  THE GREAT EIGHT:

The Bankers Are Laughing At You As They Prepare to Steal Everything You Own

Where we are NOW:  The Greece economy is shot, Italy’s economy is melting down, and the ECB is shaky.  You probably DID NOT hear much about any of this in the news!

Italy Bank Stocks In Fresh Meltdown Over Toxic Loans, Italians Pulling Cash Out Of Banks Ahead Of Collapse… €200 Billion Bad Loan Time Bomb; Deutsch Bank Near Collapse; Announces €6.7 Billion Euro Loss

Dutch Leader Says Europe Will Collapse In Six Weeks

Will CHINA Push The World Over The Edge? World on the Brink of Economic Collapse

America’s Collapse is not far behind. Remember this, as you prepare to make your voting decisions for candidates and legislation. America’s future is at stake.

Read about the Candidates below.  Then followthemoney.org and see who are their Donors!  How many are connected back to the textbook companies, Wall Street, Data Companies, Silicon Valley, AND Muslims? You will be surprised!

Knowledge is Power!!

   If not YOU, WHO?  If not NOW, WHEN?

More to come next week! 

In Liberty,  
Karen Schoen